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U-FLYstudio 01/19/2005

Lomo M3 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Micro Center on the picture (between 414 and KM86i)
mounted on the body pramplificateur Oktava MC012, the head LOMO M3 is quite resembling the famous M7, rises on the body poqiue Neumann CMV 563
33mm large capsule in the trs typ resuming Audible aesthetics of the great vintage standarts (U47, 563 CMV M7, etc ...) In fact, the sound is quite right to 20Hz up to 2 kHz but then a bump 4 dB 3kHz Get You Started to finish the race another 4 dB above 5.2 kHz and down frankly to 10 kHz, 15 kHz to dive. the signal / noise ratio is not unusual, especially conjugated output level not trs big!!


Etonnat, Trs surprising!
dfaults with a microphone, microphone in a world silent and current archi Retailer,
its main quality, well viedemment timbre typ trs and that's why we ask a microphone Russian, but few found chr!
it is a remarkable finish, in a small wooden box, with its own response curve.
excellent and weird on the lower strings (viola, cello, bass) I like it in the back of the upright piano coldplay, some on voice, guitar amp vintage on set of strings (violins) when we want an end well 60 Fawn's music dramas of Laurie Johnson (The Avengers for example).

In short, it is a choice to make when you want the privilgier prsence and mdium prcis clear and, I think buying a second M3 a couple to try to sound a bit hard in Over Battery! ! happen next in the UREI 1176 this should be quite destructive !!!!!!