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SampleHunter 01/05/2010

MBHO MBP 603A : SampleHunter's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Micro Modular MBHO. Preamp 603 A (without transformer). This is the high-end preamps in this constructor. This version also offers the particularity to be able dport capsule (one of many available) up to 20m from the body without loss of quality. Thus, the catch can be done more discreetly, the poles are less stressed. 16-48v phantom power 35 ohm Impedance Several fit capsules (ka100, ka200, ka300, 1000 etc. ..), large or small diaphragm, omni, cardio and variations for voice. resembles what has moved with his systm Schoeps Colette (with less choice though) I has a `couple with Ka100 capsules (omni linear) Sold to catch his TV, theater, cinmamais also concerts


I use it for 1 year. Bought used on AF, 900 pair with omni capsules. It is not my first pair of micro (Oktava mk012, Neumann KM184), but my first pair omni. I basically live miking acoustic, vocals, all ropes, symphony orchestra, an amateur and always stereo pair. The sound passes through a preamp DAV BG1 or those of my Fireface 400 before attacking Converto RME It took so I can take its omni (I was especially ORTF with my heart). Obviously it's not so hard to compare like with KM184. But the slap is when the same off-axis Answers to hallucinating and soft DEFINITIONS dansl'aigeincroyable, into Answers to severe videmmentdantesque (thank you omni) , and a formidable dynamic SNR sum all very close to my Neumann neat. Sound so natural, so much Fidler is simply amazing. There really is something to take to the Deutch Grammophon with gear like that! What I love most: the sound, robustness, dportable capsule. What I like least: very difficult to find quality Value for money: good 900 for a pair of old time, but data is not seen as a person, I have no regrets, c ' is very far from my best microphone is in my audio chain, the element which gives me more pleasure and motion. I highly recommend it. If anyone knows where to get the capsules, let me know!

Edit of 01/02/2011: I finally found a dealer Franais, yann on https://www.yesaudio.fr/. It takes around 400 including VAT for the new body MBP604 and around 200 including VAT for a capsule.