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bpmccauley1 10/12/2008

MXL 991 : bpmccauley1's user review


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This is a 20mm gold spurtted diaphram condensor microphone. This means that it does require phantom paower for it to work. The frequency range is 30Hz — 18kHz. It is small and inexpensive and perfect fo what I do. The price definitely makes this mic a very valuable asset in my collection of mics.


I've been using this mic to record my acoustic guitar in conjunction with the MXL 990 for about a year. I place this mic at the sound hole and the MXL 990 at the 12th fret. I love the clarity that this mic provides. For the price you really can't beat the sound reproduction. In fact I've recorded a full lenght album and an EP using only this mic and MXL 990. I couldn't be happier with the results, and from what I've heard the people buying the album love the sound as well.
I'm a completely DIY musician. I record, mix, master, and produce everything that I do. This mic is perfect for my needs as a solo acoustic musician, and again you really can't beat the price.
I have used other instrument condensor mics in the past, but like the MXL 990 this is my goto instrument mic. I've even wanted to use it in live performances with a cello but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm sure that it would do the job hands down.
One thing that I would change about this mic is that it is very hot. You don't have to have the level up very much at all to get a good clear sound so you'll have to play around with it a bit before using it on any projects or live performaces. Once you get the hang of it though it's smooth sailing.
I'm really happy that I bought this mic and from my experience with this mic and the MXL 990, I'm definately a MXL customer from now on.