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webstersays 08/18/2008

Oktava MK-012 : webstersays's user review


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These are small diaphragm condenser mics. They are quite commonly found in pairs, so you can do stereo recording with them. They are best suited for recording, but you could use them live if you needed maybe an overhead setup or something like that. They are cardioid pattern, so they have a good amount of off-axis rejection. Since they are condenser they are well suited to applications like drums where you need quick transient response, or violins where you need a lot of high frequency detail. Since they are small diaphragm, they are even better for these kinds of applications, because it takes less air to move the capsule. They require phantom power to operate.


I have had these for maybe 5 years in a stereo pair. I used them as drum overheads for a long time. Really, they are just kind of average microphones. They come with a pad connector, so if you are recording something very loud you can still get a usable signal. They do a pretty good job with transients, but I do wish they were a little brighter. Most things I recorded with them ended up needing some additional treble added to make them shimmer. Low frequencies were not well represented, but you wouldn't normally need them with the sources this is best suited for. They lasted a long time and were dropped many times, but sadly eventually one of them broke upon being dropped, so now I only have one. They served me pretty well for a long time though as a pretty cheap stereo pair of condensers. They were a good value for the price at the time, though now you may have better luck elsewhere. I probably would not get these again, because they were not as bright as I would have liked in a mic that is mostly suited for bright sources.