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U-FLYstudio 05/26/2006

Oktava MK-012 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Letopis !!!!!!!!!!!

Russia sold with little static 3 capsules (cardio, hypercardio and omni)
MK 012-01 version or just cardio, it is recognizable by its capsule form vase, it had its inception, however the exact form of a KM84 but After a few problem with the brand Neumann, Oktava Submitted adopt the form, without changing the sonic aspect of the microphone.
sold with a small body of attnuation-10dB
- Clamp effective
- You can also customize the heads large diaphragm RTT LOMO M1 and M3 containing the sound design of the capsule of the Neumann U87 cardio mode (that is not quite true, especially not trs available in France, but sometimes at home or rockshop Soundroom United States for example, try before you buy because trs type)
- A model with windshield mtal for singing live there under the dnomination MC 011 (not available in France)

- Users known: dernire turns Norah Jones, U2, Sting, Radiohead, Tears for Fears, Sheryl Crow, Edwyn Collins, Rick Wakeman, Mike Oldfield, Roger Taylor, Mick Taylor, Bryan Ferry, The Mission, Pearl Jam, Neil Diamond, Iron Maiden, and ME !!!!!!!!!

This SERIES is now toffe many variations:

- MK 011 version hands and say,
- MK 012 version gets the Neumann KM84
- MK 012 MKII (current 03/05)
- MK 101 type song studio version
- MK 102 version pretty close to 101 instrument studio
- M1 LOMO head Vintage Sound Aesthetics
- M3 LOMO head Vintage Sound Aesthetics

considering the price, they are all terrible quality and find many applications in addition to those cited as examples


Model which is placed in the mid-90 trs on the market closed the era of Neumann KM 140 & 184, Bruel & Kjaer 4012 and Schoeps MK 4G, etc ...
is a microphone that does not have the quality of its confrres tration, signal to noise ratio
infrieur (18 dBA self-noise), less allowable pressure (130 dB max), medium finish
on the other hand in terms of timbre in mono and more cardio Matched Pair (coincident ORTF or XY), it was a rvllation the era. I bought my first pair in 1994 and had rarely heard such warmth, softness, music. It is certainly not as effective and flattering that a couple of KM modern, but often much prettier.
- I do not like the sound of the capsule hypercardio, I prfre by Neumann KM150 against one, but it is not the same price!
- Russia is the omni
- And the cardio is fabulous, beautiful, rare, warm and memorable
* So do the test if you have the opportunity of a harp,
Take a couple of Schoeps MK 4G, Neumann KM 184 and a pair of Oktava MC 012 working just your investments and compare!
what's diffrence!
and even battery on your exact ORTF jazz is surprising given the price (used by Norah Jones live among others ....)
In short if you plan to buy some microphones, so please be two MK 012, they will not do everything, but they will often better than others. and then with the money you You Save, buy you a double pre amp to go with your API for example couple !!!!!!
These are microphones trs endearing regarding their color!

Small dfaults!
- It is important to grate against the correct placement, as the MK 012 is rich in grave and the effect of proximity may be too intrusive.
- The dynamic return is less than an old prcise KM84 for example, or the stars of the genre DPA 4012!

I'm currently 20, if not of love!

* Another trick I also advises trs good ball windscreens and Schoeps W5 W5D that transform your MK 012 in studio vocal microphone acting as an effective anti pop arch and neutral.

96 tracks of symphonic patch which I use the MK 012 live (gauge 35 000 spectators per concert):

- Over strings: 4 x Neumann U87 and TLM 193
- 12 First Violins: 12 x Audiotechnica PRO 35X
- 10 Seconds Violins: 10 x Audiotechnica PRO 35X
- 8 Altos: 8 x Audiotechnica PRO 35X
- 8 Cellos: 8 x 35 Audiotechnica ATM
- 4 Bass: 4 x 35 Audiotechnica ATM

- 2 Flutes: 2 x Oktava MK 012 with studding Schoeps W5D
- 2 Clarinnettes: 2 x Oktava MK 012 with studding Schoeps W5D
- 2 Oboe 2 x Oktava MK 012 with studding Schoeps W5D
- 2 Bassoons: 2 x Oktava MK 012 with studding Schoeps W5D

- Brass: 14 x 468 Electrovoice

- Timpani 2 x AKG C 414 ULS
- Piano: 2 x AKG C 414 B-ULS / SE

- Percussion: 8 x Oktava MK 012 with studding Schoeps B5 and 2 x M3 LOMO
(Xylo, vibration, snare drum, triangle, cymables, glockenspiel ....)

- Soloists: Neumann KM 150 or AKG C414 B-XLII

Arnaud Houpert
The technician