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Oktava MK-012 : Anonymous 's user review


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dconcertante of simplicity, we do not know how this thing can sound so good.
attention to the diffrent dvissant and parties.
the threads are thin. a nag should easily reach the fair!
having said that, in practice it is almost never the attnuateur.
able to come down low, it can be fun, sexy, fleshy, charming voice for family, if impractical to put a windscreen pop performance (and Christian), otherwise it's storm, thunder and explosions!
so it is not intended for voice leads, it's easier as a!


I've had a year (I have two, so-called paired).
they have the same sound but one of them a DBiT db less!
pramp to be compensated.
it's not a pairing of madness, then, but no agreement.
and I love the sound.
much less "bitch" in the acute than other bcp, it rings true.
he seems to have a natural compression against trslgre a neumann or NT2.
so it not to compress ncessaire in gnral.
the catch is good right now.
and warm, silky, true ... Class ...
must have a pair (real, Russians, not Chinese at Thomann!) is a quality price ratio currently dangerous.
once c'tait 4 times more expensive! ...