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Furt 11/11/2004

Oktava MK-012 : Furt's user review


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Russian small static a bit surprising for its mccano ct: the acoustic attnuateur 10db is a small pice that is screwed between the capsule and the body of the microphone, comes with papers bte are printed in Russian on one paper that seems to date from 1925.
Curves frequency drives are signs, what should follow all manufacturers that supply curves can or strotypes.
SPL 140dB: INTERESTED for drummers.
As against the pair are not fully stro Apaire (sensitivity curves and slightly differ), which can cause problem when taking stto.


It really is an excellent micro restoring a warm, perfectly homogne and dnu any agressivit.
I possde last few weeks a pair of sro MK012-01 (cardioid capsule only) and have not had time to test it in any desired configuration.
However, these qualities appear IMMEDIATE.
Compared to the Neumann KM184, I find the MK 012 and less flattering on most musical instruments motamment wind (clarinet friends, if you can not afford to pay you a pair of DPA, it is the micro you absolutely must) and choirs. It is compelling to trs a harpsichord, but I think he lacks a bit of gloss for the piano. For the strings against the KM184 seems more appropriate.
We must be vigilant trs placement because it is less forgiving of the mistakes that Neumann or AKG.
The other microphones Asian or Australian, they are far derrire despite surprising quality (check out the MXL 603 TB for example).
The ratio quality / price is extraordinary: 18/10 (I know this is not possible but still at least amrita a.)
I will buy more pairs.