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Oktava MK-012 : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Pair of microphones with cardioid capsule used with a pre amp and phantom power (in my case) on your magnto.


I use them for 1 month in overhead on a battery Jazz. I had a couple before that audiotechnica ATM33a j'tais satisfied. I use a trip to buy a New York couple Oktava I pay $ 270 a pair. I had indeed read the reviews trs trs logieuses Audiofanzine site. I confirm that the overhead mics in a battery are spotless and restore trs Fidler cymbals as well as the snare or hi-hat, without a sound dpend hypertrophy of the other (often the problem of overhead microphones that are often easier cymbals but "touffent" the rest). You just need a little work, but your exact investment is excellent when uncompressed or to any legalization. These pickups seem so suprieurs (a little) to audiotechnica ATM33a which are also of excellent microphones (300 pair). It is clear that nanmoins audiotechnica reprsentent also a recommendable choice trs. The Oktava is however a bit more neutral and restore one's less flattering but more balanced and therefore closer to its rel (even when it's the goal right?)
I do not know what the Oktava overlook other instrument because I have not tried and I dj what it takes ... (Especially a ElectroVoice RE20 for the sax, the great SIDS).
The ratio price quality I think is excellent.
I do not regret my purchase and I recommend it for those who want to record a jazz drummer without breaking the bank: 2 Oktava in overhead kick and a microphone (Sennheiser e 602 for me) and "a fact" without breaking the 6 or 7 head with microphones as I did before for a rsultat draft.