Voxengo VoxFormer
Voxengo VoxFormer

VoxFormer, Software channel strip from Voxengo.

Voxengo Voxformer 2.5

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The Voxengo Voxformer version 2.5 update is now available for download.


Voxformer is a multi-functional vocal channelstrip plugin for audio and sound production applications, available in AudioUnit and VST plug-in formats, for Mac OS X and Windows computers.


Version 2.5 update implements the following changes:

  • The "Show All Channel Meters" routing switch added.
  • Additional visual look variation settings added.
  • Knobs in the compressor mode editor can now be linked with the Ctrl key.
  • Filter automation implemented.
  • "Filled Spectrum" spectrum display mode switch added.
  • Oversampling filter type "Min-phase/Lin-phase" switch added.
  • Global "Auto Oversampling Level" 1X (off) option added.
  • Control surface crosshair option added (can be switched off in the global options).
  • De-esser pre-post compressor position switch added.

Voxformer features:

  • Two built-in vocal compressors
  • Two-band compressor operation
  • Asymmetric compression
  • 5-band equalizer
  • Real-time FFT spectrum analyzer
  • Noise gate (de-breath) module
  • De-esser module
  • Presence boosting module
  • Saturation module
  • Residue listening mode
  • Multi-channel processing
  • Internal channel routing
  • Channel grouping
  • Mid/side processing
  • Up to 8x oversampling
  • 64-bit floating point processing
  • Preset manager
  • Undo/redo history
  • A/B comparisons
  • Contextual hint messages


Pricing & Availability

Voxformer is available for purchase on-line for USD 69.95.  Demo version of Voxengo Voxformer and other pro audio plug-ins can be
downloaded at the Voxengo web site: www.voxengo.com/product/voxformer

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