Waves SSL 4000 Collection
Waves SSL 4000 Collection

SSL 4000 Collection, Software channel strip from Waves in the SSL series.

Jeezo 07/11/2008

Waves SSL 4000 Collection : Jeezo's user review


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I will not repeat the installation and the rest mentioned above.
I only problem is the GUI not super stable under sonar (if there is another plugin over here visually shudder!! Nothing to do with my fx 1600 Graphics card, since that is in my other sequencer nikel is a recurrent problem of waves and application plugs .... so dx 8 / 10


I use it on my HP 8710w Core 2 Duo T7700 at 2.4GHz, 4g ram, with Fireface 400: it is stable and solid as u rock, the more I post the notice because I was surprised by the opinion PRECEDING on the consolidated cpu!
on a project type (Kontakt 3 with 16 tracks, Sampletank 16pistes, 3 tracks stylus, battery 3.2 instances of EZ drummer with all the tracks and about 5 other plugs) all in the 512 latency, I can do to you twenty ssl (most in stereo!) and I will not exceed 40% of cpu!

So weird for guys who have problems with your system perfs cheker here:
the site is:

You testerezla latency of your system, the source of problem too Souvant sounds or charge card plugs!


I used for about 6 months
And I can say that it's heavy: the house I have a PSP, URS, Voxengo, Nomad Factory, Waves API, and mix well all my ds's first SSL, with Sonnox (which are surgical and great too)
EQ: To here during my first reminded me of the sound (1988) when they go on ssl 4000 mix! You say it kif kif, maybe not, not in any case it is super super close! She is always musical and knows when to be precise, when the low pass and high it is very soft (a gentle slope so) that does not bother me, you want to cut at 50 Hz, the fools you at 80 Hz (but It was the same on the console!) is my brief eq perefere!
Strip: you got the short called EQ: 10/10, you're compressor I use a lot more like limit in effect, and a gate section that use expander is beautiful! sorry for the opinion of my friend precednt but it's really useful!, when Souvant t'equalize, then you compress the sound with a lot of "leftover" styles of reverb, echo delay Souvant ect is a mess with the gate section (pander mode) is angel!

(We will say to me and my property down your end, Yeah but take a ReFX Nexus and many times even with reverb and delay to zero, the origin of sounds is shielded reverb) Anyway the slice is very good too !

Be useful also for not taken nikel chrome ...

Comp Bus: then I take me there! Ze SSL is really touch! Take a mix, goes inside and the magic, can be known to use a comp! Of course you can do to pump, or almost no interest on any mix (depending on the type of zik we do in fact!) But starting from such preset mastering you there is quite mild here the fact is, in fact Leave everything as default and already you "see" the SSL sound!
Do not hesitate to use it even on the tracks if necessary!

It is on on my master bus, followed by URS neve eq eq mix here and slap!

The question I ask myself is Liquid Waves Sll vs mix? I made compararison AB right now and I'll keep you posted! In fact this is my comparison factor, if emultations SSL réeussies then we can assume that the rest did and therefore it's worth it, just for diversity (since I have so far not cpu resource problem) if not for lovers go to the SSL Duende SSL is pure but be careful not 4000!

So to summarize, if you have the budget and a fairly good config do not hesitate one second as the most important sound is to go, the more contrairemment external dsp, we have no limit to numbers ds the absolute (except the cpu) but especially if you mix a project with an external DSP and drags it well for you need your card, if it is down or anything, you're in the m. ... contraitrement with plugs that are "privileges" to transport and always return!

Sorry for the mistakes but it is 5:12 in the morning and after the session I ds koma!

Sounds good to all!