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DoublePrecisionEqualizer Updated to 0.60 Beta

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AudioTeknikk DoublePrecisionEqualizer
News AudioTeknikk DoublePrecisionEqualizer

Software parametric EQ from AudioTeknikk

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AudioTeknikk has updated Double Precision Equalizer to 0.60 beta.

Double Precision Equalizer got its name because it uses “double precision floating point stream” in the critical parts of the calculations, according to AudioTeknikk. This is meant to be an EQ with minimal digital artifacts and a practical and informative UI for the user, the company says. It is designed to support all sampling rates up to 192khz.


Changes from version 0.53:

  • High frequencies are now processed at double sample rate to get “that open airy analogish high end.”
  • New GUI with several bug fixes. Added individual colored graphs on each band. Removed the “Broken modus” and noise generator.
  • New saturation module with more even than odd harmonics if not pushed to hard. Replaces the “Timetravel” saturation.



  • High pass filter (8-pole).
  • Low shelf filter (2-pole).
  • 4 peak filters (2-pole).
  • High shelf filter (2-pole).
  • Low pass filter (adjustable 2–8-pole).
  • Adjustable input level.
  • Off/On switch.
  • Adjustable saturation.
  • RMS and peak meters.
  • Frequency response graph with controllable nodes.
  • Left click mouse over and under node to change slopes.
  • Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs.
  • Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement.
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