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Flux Updates All Plug-Ins To v2.0.10

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Flux :: Epure II
News Flux :: Epure II

Software parametric EQ from Flux ::

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All products Flux plug-ins have been updated to version 2.0.10.

Fixes and Improvements:
  • All plug-ins
    o – Morphing and toggle AB can give different settings
    o – State of morphing automation button is now recoded in sessions, and can be automated.
    o – Session reloading with lot of Flux:: plug-ins inserted loading time reduced and authorization check enhanced.
    o – Authorization could randomly failed.
    o – Some compatibility issues with Pyramix 6.1
    o – Some session reloading problems in AudioUnit, that can lead to incorrect plug-in parameters

  • All VST 2 Channels plug-ins
    o – Side chain and processing buttons not well initialized

  • Alchemist
    o – Optimization about morphing slider, when morphing a lot of parameters.
    o – Invert phase was not working correctly.
    o – Compare function in Protools was broken
    o – Some Automation bugs fix… Because of this fix, by default Alchemist will no more read correctly Automation data recorded with the previous version. To support old automation, you must set up the Automation old mode support. Please note that this mode is deprecated for new projects: you should disble it before creating new sessions. Check out www.fluxhome.com/news for more info.

  • Solera
    o – Side Chain EQ initialization problem, at 48kHz sampling rate, for band #1
    o – MS Width not working

  • Epure II VST
    o – Possible bad render in WaveLab

  • Epure II
    o – Possible crash in very high sampling rate

  • Epure II Venue
    o – Recall of the preset A and B slot and the Morphing slider position have been temporally removed from the session and Snapshot recall. This because of an issue with current DShow software that does not really support big custom chunk in snapshot. We will try to re-implement this as soon as possible.

  • Stereo Tool PC
    o – Installer not support Windows XP 64

  • Security PC
    o – crash sometimes when shutting down or restarting windows
    o – iLok support not working on Vista 64 SP1
    o – Flux Security Engine hang on some Vista 64 Home Premium SP1 system
    o – New iLok support management. Now the Flux:: security engine will not try to load the iLok support if iLok drivers are not installed or if the installed version is too old. This allow to be able to use the Flux:: vst plug-ins without installing iLok (if you are using the Flux:: dongle). The Security Manager will display messages regarding your current iLok installation.

    o – for steinberg softwares (cubase & nuendo), fix a bug that lead the mouse to un-precise control of buttons with mouse
    o – Fix a bug that lead to crash when exiting plug-ins
    o – Fix session reloading issues between Mac intel and ppc

  • AudioUnit MAC
    o – Fix a session reloading issue that appear with the latest

  • All Plug-ins MAC
    o – it is now possible to control the “Old Automation State” more simply with the MacOS security manager, with an entry in the file menu. The security manager is released in

  • For RTAS and TDM or for other plug-ins to support Pace iLok USB key you have to install iLok driver (v before. You can download it from Pace website

The new installers are available from the User Download Area at www.fluxhome.com/download.
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