Universal Audio Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ
Universal Audio Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ

Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ, Software parametric EQ from Universal Audio in the UAD Plug-In series.

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tony-blackman 06/12/2010

Universal Audio Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ : tony-blackman's user review


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as dab, simple


Quadcore 3ghz 8gb ram 4t dd
+ lynx soundcard Echo ...
Uad-2 duo

is stable, but the plug is greedy! normal considering the possibilities


6 months of use.
I have many other plug-ins for the UAD are "pickpocket" virtual: When trying a plug, it is found useful and say I need it.
I told myself I will limit myself to a few essential plug-ins .... I have spent almost 2000 € between the card and plugs ....

Back on topic: YES!

I like this plug has a real personality, when it is running on a track can be heard.
presets are very useful bass drum .... it sounds full, almost analog ..... and especially music.

If you are looking for transparency, this plug is not for you!
(Note: if it is transparent there would be nothing :-).

there is also a version with presets for mastering, génialissisme!
I kiff grave but I do not know the original so .....
quite resource intensive but the important thing is efficiency.
it's still expensive but the UAD plugs I do not regret this purchase because the result is still there.
A ----- When a plug-in version of the Variable-Mu compreseur Sirs AU home?