Fender Princeton 112 Plus
Fender Princeton 112 Plus

Princeton 112 Plus, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Princeton series.

CheapHaendel 06/13/2007

Fender Princeton 112 Plus : CheapHaendel's user review


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- Solid-state amp
- 100W: very comfortable at home, enough for rehearsals.
- 1 12'' speaker - think about it
- 1 input, an effects loop, a headphones output
- Clean channel controls: 1 Vol, 1 Treble, 1 Bass
- Lead channel controls: 1 Vol, 1 Contour (acid color=>fat), 1 Treble, 1 Bass,
- Reverb


- Very easy to use, you know right away what to do without the need for a user guide for basic traditional usage.
- In terms of sound, I use 98% of the times the clean channel: I was thrilled to quickly find a basic sound that suits me perfectly. I only use the (effective) controls to adjust this sound depending on the situation (place of the performance, new members in the band...).
- In terms of gain: I use it only 2% of my time, I admit that I haven't been able to find a sound that pleases me. I find the settings too "clichéd." It really lacks a mids control. The contour control allows you to very easily work with colors ranging from very fat heavy metal sounds to acid/metallic distortions from the '70s with a gain setting - transistor - that goes from crunch to "too" distorted.
- The reverb: effective and reasonable up to the 3 mark (from 10). Very nice color in my opinion and OK at 2!

Apart from that, the amp has a lot of presence and it is fine for a solid-sate amp, the difference with a tube amp are the dynamics.
I use it as follows: a guitar that goes through a multi-effects and then to the clean channel
My trick: the settings are not progressive. I use a volume pedal that makes the use of the amp much simpler. I have never noticed huge level differences (dynamics, harmonics or reproduction) with the control at 2 with and without the pedal 1/2 or 1/4 of the way up.
The mark I give it refers to the quality of the clean channel!!!!


- I love the clean channel, which is THE foundations of my sound and that I haven't found in any other solid-state amp. Long live the 12'' speaker: warmth and ease of use.
- See above for the sound according to the settings.


- Bought in December 1996, I've used it on average 10 hours per week ever since.
- I haven't found a similar sound from a solid-state amp with these dimensions, power and price!!
- I love the clean channel: I can't say it enough!!
- It has never broken down, no need to even change a single jack, nothing!!! It's the best.
- Quite easy to transport (less than 44 lbs/20 kg I think): on the subway... easy to fit in a car.
- It's great at home, but it might be somewhat limited for concerts!!

Value for money: in 1996 it was an amazing value for money. For that price, I think I would still go for it today.
Would I change it? I've thought about it, but changing to a tube amp to get more character and options (2 speakers, a reverb, an effects loop) is a real investment: I would pay dearly the difference given the advantages it would mean to me.
The overall mark is based on the use I give it, considering it's a solid-state amp with less than 100 W!