Fender Princeton 112 Plus
Fender Princeton 112 Plus

Princeton 112 Plus, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Princeton series.

arxx7 03/19/2014

Fender Princeton 112 Plus : arxx7's user review

« Excellent surprise! »

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I needed a backup amp and thought about a basic solid-state amp that wasn't heavy and fitted in my car's trunk.
I went for this 1996 solid-state Fender Princeton 112+, made in USA, rated at 65 watts, with a 12" speaker, and weighing 31 lbs, which has perfect looks for its age.
In terms of controls, it features two channels with separate EQ, reverb (not amazing, but correct), FX loop, and headphones output on the front panel. Nothing other than the usual.


The clean channel comes originally with a reverse log pot for the volume, so the volume increases quite a bit from 0 to 1.
Hyper-clean, well-defined sound, pleasant without the need to spend much time with it.
I expected worse from the drive channel because I had already tried other solid-state Fenders (FM65, RocPro 100, for example), and it was obvious to me that it isn't the brand's main strength. Well, it's progressive and useful thanks to the contour control.


I have a Strat and play '50s Rock 'n' Roll.
My amp is a 12-watt, class A Fender Champ 12 with a 6L6GC, mounted with the Torrès kit and I'm really satisfied with it.
The Princeton 112+ comes very close in terms of clean sound, with colder dynamics, obviously, but perfectly usable for my music style: The sound is typical Fender, meaning crystalline and well-defined.
I use the drive channel as a clean boost with the gain set to minimum, and I have added a Joyo F14 American for the crunch.
The amp works perfectly with pedals.


I bought it two months ago and it was an excellent surprise: A typical Fender with two channels, light and powerful.
I changed the volume pot of the clean channel with a log pot and the amp has become even better.
It's a real delight to plug in my Strat live with the amp's reverb. It's evident that it's far from the dynamics a tube amps has, but the sound isn't sterile at all, like with some other amps in the same category. I would definitely buy it again given its value for money.