Fender Princeton 112 Plus
Fender Princeton 112 Plus

Princeton 112 Plus, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Princeton series.

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MGR/Not thrilled 10/15/2004

Fender Princeton 112 Plus : MGR/Not thrilled's user review

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I purchased this unit used for $100.00.

The unit is pleasingly compact and light. It has ample power for a 65 watt amp.

I am not happy with the gain channel. The distortion is overbearing and takes away from the quality and uniqueness of sound from one guitar to another. I also find the reverb to be rather noisy.

No qualms with construction or components.

My previous amps have been Peavey. In hindsight I probably would have shopped for a Peavey again.

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