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HardBlues 04/22/2008

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60 : HardBlues's user review


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Mine is an 60-R I do not know if there is a diffrence with non-R MODELS
60W transistor amp
Spring Reverb. Accutronics if we believe the site ...
SERIES effects loop, Line-In and Line-Out
2 channels: clean and lead, Footswitch optional
3-band EQ common to the two channels
Headphone jack and CD between
Speakers 1 x 12 RockDriver Blue
Weight 13 kg
I put 9 because of the equalization policy.


This is an amp, hard to talk about setting ...
The 3-band qualisation is effective, it seems that the influence rglages much between mid and treble.
The clean channel sounds regardless of the rglage, you have to fight a bit saturated with the channel.
No manual
Go another 9


I play with a Epiphone Les Paul, a Boss overdrive and SD2 for an Ibanez TS7 for leads.
On clean channel gives immediately sounds pretty Fenderiens.
The volume knob for that channel achieves plutt nice crunch from 12 hours
The lead channel seems plutt of English inspiration
I do not really know what channel, mainly because of rglages qualisation I use the clean channel does not work well on the lead.
Trs not serious overdrive pedals I have two that suit me well.
This is the only qualisation common criticism I make this amp for the price!
I think the rverbe slap a little is perfect for Funky stuff but will not fit all. Personally I always put a little rverbe so I will.
Like if I put 9 ...


I use it for several months, the big plus is the light weight (for concerts), the (s) sound (s) on the clean channel is superb (for a transistor amp of this price), the power sufficient for RPET and small concerts (for larger prvoir a recovery in the sound).
I had the opportunity to try a half dozen amps of all styles and all costs, and this one is really stunning for the price.
I would do the same choice without hsiter