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oizopoisson 04/24/2007

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60 : oizopoisson's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Transistor amplifier 60 watts 1x12 Celestion.
A clean channel and a lead channel.
Equaliser 3-band frequencies are well adapted for the guitar but not very effective.
Spring reverb very average - CD Input (RCA) - Headphone - Footswitch not included but easy to find - effects loop send / return
Plexiglass prism illuminated by blue LEDs 4 (on my amp is not properly adjusted the lens and illuminates the right half of the knobs, it is regrettable that the only thing that throws on this amp rather plain appearance.
The amp does not weigh too heavy, easily transportable. 8-)


Setup could not be more simple, no need for documentation.
This amp lacks bass and equalize not super efficient one arrives to offset this defect.
The reverb slap really fast I do not like the resulting sound.
In his plate clean when I agreed that I let it ring, before the extinction the sound starts to crackle so I left a very unpleasant feeling.
The lead sound is not bad but it is better to take a pedal or preamp distortion and to use only the clean channel.
The amp raised to waist level, set at 5 on the master volume:
I can not approach the amp otherwise hear lots of noise, crachouille here is unbearable, I have to move back several feet and there is ok. My guitar is mounted Duncan SH1 and SH4-N and other amps I've never had so much buzz.
Against it by fishing and can be heard without any problem, no problem with a drummer even muscular. The clean sound is very nice but the lower back.


I play on Edwards LP90-LTC, funk-jazz-pop.


A cheap amp that delivers a noise level very adequate for many applications.
Unless I had bad luck with this model, I am disappointed by the lack of bass of this amp, the poor quality of the spring reverb, the prism is not properly adjusted, the noise and buzz when I approach playing mid-size and beyond, and that's what ruined the extinction notes irritates me horribly (although I just Motes).
Bought new 209Euros, I returned to the store and bought a Roland Cube60 certainly more expensive but much better. (Purchased, I congratulate Fabrice the passage for its professionalism and its availability).
As the first amp it does the job given the low cost, but do not expect a miracle either. Manufacturing in Vietnam there is probably nothing, I think the policy of reducing manufacturing costs for H & K was too drastic.
This is unfortunate because the clean sound is actually very nice, but I do not regret it. 6 / 10 given the low purchase price.