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nypo 12/22/2006

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60 : nypo's user review


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Good data sheet, everybody knows it, otherwise you would not be here reading this review
There's even a stereo LINE input on the back which I plug my digital recorder or my MP3 player.


Using super simple: with SG, it is 30% serious, 20% of medium and treble thoroughly and then comes the big sound without problems, even and especially with the channel CLEAR.

after a year of use, I find the saturation rather bad so I use a Boss overdrive the input CLEAR


His impeccable for the price, I had a Roland 60W lamp and a semi Marshall monstrous body double (at the time I was rather hard rock!) But that's exactly what I need to play blues or rock.
Perfect and easy for sounds with fat humbucker, a little more difficult with the channel saturated (in fact it is not a lot of drive and the master fully).


I use it for 1 year and really is that of happiness.
Only problem, I paid a bit pricey (340 euro) compared to the prices I see on the Internet. This is the ransom of the campaign deep! (Vendée)

Well then I sold 180 euro. I'm not complaining.
This is especially the price / quality ratio is good, obviously it is not a Mesa or Koch at that price but I believe that there is no better.