Marshall MG30DFX
Marshall MG30DFX

MG30DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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le-pharmacien 07/01/2005

Marshall MG30DFX : le-pharmacien's user review


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It is not at all an amp modeling as known in the notice below, but a digital amp effects what is different. This is a little 30 watt combo biensur transistors and believe me with his spit and based its decibels it has 2 channels one clean enough for a pleasant and a marshall overdrive that delivers a good saturation without going to the big nag in the effects section there is a chorus (excellent effects on the amp) a delay (quite difficult to resolve) chorus (rather odd and a little pale for my taste) and flanger (well done but a little to my Gentillet taste) was a very good combo's not too bulky not too heavy (9kgs) of very good material in short, anything that some language can say (as my friend not to the bottom quote)


For the clean channel there is a button on bass and treble to more anda volume control easier c impossible for an overdrive channel equalization bass, middle, treble, gain, volume. effects for a knob that allows you to select the reverb delay chorus chooses affetti flanger or more a knob of the effect. the sound is super easy to adjust too easily gives her a good manual is very clear not need to tank 20 to really understand a great tool pourtable


This amp is super Polivalente is not playing blues, rock, hardcore, thrash, ska, reagge, punk finally all styles of music except maybe jazz being given the lack of its couluers clean.j ' uses this amp with a gibson les paul standart and have a blast just do not need a big amp to 350 watts tapper of ac / dc this little combo is more than enough


I use it for a year because I wanted a portable amp when I travel and I am more than satisfied I try it in the same category of a Laney 30 watt combo, a Hughes and Kettner, a fender, and a Carlsbro and I must say that really the best I c remake that choice without hesitate