Orange CR35LDX
Orange CR35LDX

CR35LDX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

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SlapKid 05/09/2010

Orange CR35LDX : SlapKid's user review


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Transistors with digital effects and integrated chromatic tuner. Clean channel with gain and volume with the drive channel ... drive. Eq common effects hacks but not mixable.
Remote control for the drive channel but not the effects, too bad.
Line out, phones (not tested), to in.
The HP is a 10pouces 4 ohms, 35W. I installed my hp preferred 8ohms it works without concern, and blocked the openings of the cabinet, explanations:
Original construction, the back is almost closed (open down about ten cms) and the panel of the cabinet has a hole diameter 6cms in each corner. Never seen it, not bass reflex.
Little residual noise, and with good pedal no switching noise either.


There also is special, it already has a gain more volume for the clean is great because gives the opportunity while remaining clean changing the sound texture (fatter, cleaner, two). With simple or hot Kinman noiseless gain in 3hrs is still unclear, with duplicates removed two hours.

The drive is special because the kids rule does not alter the clear sound. The more you crunch it up and over, again without changing the overall color to donf 'overdrive is kind acdc first period not more.
Skip to donf large enough volume, but less well in groups at home ...

The tuner is independent, does not cut the sound nor the changes, you can leave any time without further (mini light show to impress your friends).

Effects: 4réverbes, delay + reverb, 4delays (fixed), 2flangers 2phasers 2tremolos vibrato.
The higher the rate of the effect over the amp sounds loud.


It's very good, clean is very warm and balanced, just happiness. I would gladly add a compressor (Ibanez BP5) and then what a delight!
The drive is beautiful, very natural and open, a clarity that makes you want to play. Absolutely nothing to do with all the other amps I tried.
The effects are impressive clarity and warmth, as I rarely heard a good combo.
Too bad we can not cut the foot.

Matter volume is loud enough but I do not think you can do with the group besides the line is out there for that.


it's been a week since I spend 3-4hr/jour above, a real treat amp.
The original hp is not bad at all, I did not want to break in and planned to install before you buy mine.
Although the lack of adjustments for the effects seen their quality is boring, ditto for the remote switching. This is the only point I would fix if I mr Orange.

A word about the finish: beautiful, a roland cube next to it's credit to apples.
For the price, the amp that gives you the most (originality, sound, finish high-end, overall quality) by far.

What an amp apart.