Orange CR35LDX
Orange CR35LDX

CR35LDX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Orange in the Crush PiX series.

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iamqman 04/19/2011

Orange CR35LDX : iamqman's user review

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Let me begin first by saying I hate amp modelers. They don't sound natural or authentic in any way. This is the general opinion that I have for the majority of the ones that have come out onto the market.

However, this is one of the most impressive amp modeling units I have ever seen. It sounds very real and articulate much like a real tube amp would respond. The built in effects are solid and the distortion sounds much like the distortion you would hear from real Orange amps. Orange has a distinct tube distortion that crosses the lines throughout all of their products. It is British voiced but distinctly Orange.

Orange Crush PiX CR35LDX Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:

* 35W RMS
* 10" speaker
* Wood cabinet with picture-frame corners
* Footswitchable overdrive (also switchable from front panel)
* 3-band EQ
* Built-in tuner
* Onboard digital effects processor with 16 reverb and delay effects
* 1/4" headphone out, 1/4" line output, 1/8" line (iPod/MP3 player) input


Specification Detail
Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Power 35W
Speakers 1 x 10"
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes
EQ Low, Mid, High
Amp Modeling No Amp Modeling
Number of Models 0
Number of Tubes 0
Preamp Tubes No Tubes
Power Tubes No Tubes
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x Aux (1/8")
Outputs 1 x Line (1/4"), 1 x Headphones (1/4")
Footswitch I/O Yes
Effects Loop No
Height 14.5"
Width 10.9"
Depth 8.9"
Weight 25.3 lbs.


This is definitely a practice amp. You wouldn't record with this ting most likely and you wouldn't go on stage with it either, but holy cow this thing sounds great for bedroom or office jamming. It comes with a headphone out so you can quietly jam by yourself at home or in the office.

I like this amp with just about any guitar application. I especially like it with a Strat or a Les Paul or other humbucking style pickup. Or even a Superstrat of some kind. Any guitar you throw at it will sound amazing! The amp is voiced quite well to be a solid state amp and that is the best part.


With on board effects and a built in tuner this amp has it all for on the go jamming or just light bedroom playing. Just grab your guitar and amp and you are off. You have a built in tuner so no need to bring that along or any effects. Any probably best of all it has a line out for direct recording or going straight into a PA system. I haven't tried that but I can imagine that it does quite well if comparison to the rest of the amp.

At new these amps come in at around $240 which is a steal for the what it does and how good it sounds. I recommend anyone who needs a nice practice amp or something to jam quietly while you baby is sleeping.