Marshall MG100HDFX
Marshall MG100HDFX

MG100HDFX, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

iamqman 07/11/2011

Marshall MG100HDFX : iamqman's user review

« FDD is fantastic »

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Why this is 100 watts is beyond me? This amp is a decent practice amp but not great for blasting down walls. This amp is rated at 100 watts and is a solid state amp which are only good for one thing and that is playing at home. The tone of sold state amps are just lousy and unrealistic. The added FDD switch adds a bit of beef to the distortion tone for this amp. However, even that isn't enough to hook this up to a 4x12 cabinet and go out to the Whiskey.


Twin footswitchable channels -- clean and overdrive
2 modes on each channel -- clean/crunch on clean and OD1/OD2 on overdrive
Independent tone controls for bass, middle, and treble on each channel
Contour control for dramatic mid sweep and "scooping"
Emulated line out jack and headphone jack
CD input which allows you to play along to your favorite discs
Built-in digital effects -- chorus/delay, chorus, flange, and delay
Separate digital reverb with level control
Parallel effects loop with mix control
Master volume
12 in. Eminence speaker
FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping)
Supplied 2-way footswitch (clean/overdrive, DFX on/off)


The tone from this amp isn't that bad for being a solid state amp. It has two channels and two modes for each channel and all are very usable in the basic functions. This is an all in one amp for a beginner guitar player. Any one who has spent any time with a tube amp will not go for this other than to have as a practice unit for silence or office use. The crunch channel will get you a great classic rock tone. Trying using a Gibson Les Paul or SG and dial down the gain for some good Led Zeppelin tone or Ac/Dc crunch.The over drive channel are excellent for modern rock and will sound good with any guitar used with humbucker pickup.

This amp should stay at home and be used for just hamming and that is the dilemma I have for it being a waste 100 watts when it just needs to be about 15 watts.


These amps have been replaced by the Marshall MG101FX and is no longer in production. You can find these on the used market all day long. At new they were sound $460 so I'm guessing used would be about $280. Not a bad price but then you have to buy a cabinet if you don;t have one. SO there is more money that you'll have to shell out. I would not recommend this version of the series of amps from Marshall. I would get a 15 watt version and see if you like playing through it. If so then go out and buy a Marshall Jcm 2000 DSL 100.