benbeck 07/26/2006

Randall RH 200 G2 : benbeck's user review


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Amp transistors only.

200 Watts, dual output for the full-stack (! Parallel outputs -> check your impedance!)
everything is in mono jack, except for the footswitch connector (have not tested the headphone output ...)
two channels to separate volume + volume general. Provided only effect: reverb controllable by the footswitch.

Effects loop with footswitch input gain and output gain adjustment.


No brainer, it connects and it plays. No problem for the designation of the role of connectors.

In sound: I'll be honest, it depends on everyone.
**** I was (and still am) amazed the clean channel, with its "clean boost" very nice, I use to release a solo with a preamp that does not feature "solo boost ".
**** For the channel distortion, and of two types of distortion are available, both with a contour with generous options. (Type of gain footswitch).
**** Opportunity to attack the amplification stage directly with a preamp. not know why this amp is much more generous with this connection ...

About the manual: I honestly have not read it. They propose some adjustments which are acceptable, but you have to work the sound anyway.


I play metal, not heavy, sometimes hardcore.
I play Ibanez RG570 and jackson DKMGT active. I also use a preamp GX700.

Plugged into a Behringer stack full, it is powerful :-)

The price / quality ratio is for me the best of the entire market. Very reliable results.

I got a solution to the transistor, simply for lack of budget for the full lights. So I will not leave with the idea of ​​discovering something other than marshall. And more with a very attractive price.


I have no complaints. Solid material, I play with confidence, but it will wear it :-)

My idea was to find a solution until a full budget for the lamps. So I found Randall, and I intend to do a long way with my RH200G2.

My rating of 8 / 10: PCQ just what counts, not the brand c, c no references, it is only the sound coming out. And no matter what you will, without lights, you're never really completely satisfied with your result. So a 10 would be a lie. 8 expresses a pleasant surprise that I was getting a more than satisfactory result.

UPDATE: I sell the equipment, since I (finally) the budget for an all-tube power amp. A word