Pucelle_Dabidjan 07/26/2006

Randall RH 200 G2 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Head Randall RH 200 G2 is a head while transistor.
His power is 200 W

She has extensive connections:
- 4 inputs baffles
- An effects loop with send and return control
- A line out

It has three channels:
A clean
2 overdrive's
clean and crunch channel have a separate EQ (bass, mid, treble, presence). However, the crunch channel, it has only one and two EQ knobs to adjust the gains of specific gain.
The clean has a boost. Very handy in a lot of uses.
A switch to switch from one channel to another and from one to another overdrive.

A contour switch is on the beast, but it is of low efficiency.
More interesting is the presence of a chorus and a spring reverb neither good nor bad.

[4] for the contour knob unnecessary and third channel that is not really one.


Finding a way forward with this amp is pretty simple. However, it was a problem of volume differences between clean and overdrive (not resolved from the SC series ... maybe with the G3). Another difficulty is that it's hard to go from 1-2 in overdrive with her immediately as one wishes. Randall will have to do more homework.

[4] There's significantly less headlock on the market, but it's still fairly intuitive



The clean sound is not a reference but in many surprises. It has heat and a lot of pleasure. I prefer, myself, play with the equalizer for that channel to give it shine and slamming.
The crunch provides a purist punk rock and pop it to their heart. Here the single coils are light enough to express themselves correctly and sounds decidedly rock rained down easily.

For those who like the heavy, channel 2 crunch offer him significantly more potatoes. The sounds are metal or trash at the party on that channel.


The distortion of this amp meets the characteristics of the instrument and the sound is very accurate. We hear all the variations in the game, making it an amp designed for lovers of scratches. It is impossible to obtain by natural sound typical of the bold new metal today. The solution here is to connect an amp or pedal that "salira" sound.

A little less for the effects loop that drives the sound and gives a dull sound at all (I strongly recommend connecting the front, but nice experiences are always possible).

[6] Drinking the guy. The small changes from the G2 series is sensitive. We regret the disappearance of his vintage Randall, but the sound is modern and well put together as a selling point. The effects loop is unnecessary, but the success of sounds and a real personality to keep the transistor's rating average.


- In quality / price: 300 Eur for what I paid the head (600 Eur with 4x12 cabinet) NEW, there's no picture 10/10.
- The side indestructible and always ready
- A wide range of sounds for a head seems so basic at first
- Respect for the quality of the instrument
- Suitable for indoor repeat

- Differences in volume
- There should be a third complete equalization into a direct competitor of MESA
- The effects loop that drives the sound (in this connection on the front of rigor)


[4] The poor ergonomics and sound in the medium can not make that face a serious challenger for the high end. But the price / quality ratio, and expected longevity of the machine will delight the young musicians.

Note 5 is equivalent to the average home

PS See also the test of the Randall 4x12 cabinet R412CXM