MGR/Jake the Snake Plummer 07/17/2004

Randall RH 200 G2 : MGR/Jake the Snake Plummer's user review

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I paid 550 canadian for this amp in Quebec city. I also bought an CXM 412 300 watts to go with it.

I also bought a Randall, because of Dimebag and Scott Ian

Powerful, and before buying it, make sure you can place it in a room where not too much noise will get out of there

Not too expensive

I like the Chorus on the clean channel, it sounds very well. Same for the Reverb.

Also, the pedal that comes with it is perfect. You can select the chorus, reverb, gain, and a clear boost that absolutely rocks

I haven't had the time to use it a lot but it sounds great thus far

the distortion is not great, I prefer my Metal Zone MT2 on the clear channel with a clean boost

but as I said I haven't had the time to use it a lot

built like a tank of the US Army ... not the Canadian Army

Everybody says that Randall offers the best quality for price products, well they are right. This amp (brand new) costed me a bit more than 1 000 bucks before taxes.

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