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Doctor.Ketzer 01/13/2007

Randall Warhead : Doctor.Ketzer's user review


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Randall Warhead amp
150 W 300W mono or stereo
I do not know the settings (that I have not seen the color of the manual) for the effects they remain discrete and are usually a mixture of delay, reverb, chorus, flanger ...


The configuration is not simple, this amp is capable of the best and the worst
I found no way (yet) to have a slight distortion, yet it or clean, or the big distortion. the buttons are quite fragile (I think especially clean volume is weakened because it serves as a switch for distortion ..) I live in an apartment and the sound is very good even at low volume (hard to be settled between 0 and a but ...)
get a good sound .... it can be long but be patient (the Mid control is very impressive and is very active EQ) the result is worth it


This amp is ideal for what I play, I use a jackson warior XT equipped with EMG 80 and 60 in severe acute and a Washburn WE2ST equipped with Bill Lawrence L500L acute and Seymour Duncan SH1 59 'in serious .
I, for the moment a well lour and bold when it comes to playing chords, but in terms of the game in the acute it is a very sharp ears hurt me if I push the sound. .. all I asked him ^ ^
I pay attention to the Mid control, which are poorly dealt with early, but flattening the sound is set


I use it for 2 months
I like the design and sound, the problems are the weight, fragility of the buttons and the fact that I have not had any instructions, the settings are hard to find ...
I tried a mesa boogie, the sound is great but it's a low volume of ***** that the lights do not heat enough to send a good sound (at high volume is not a fault perfect)
level money I always tend to find everything there is expensive so not efcape ... ^ ^
If it again ... I would do without hesitation ... It's still the amp Mr. Darrell ...