Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads
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Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Marshall MG100HDFX

    Marshall MG100HDFX - "Marshall MG100HDFX Head"


    I saw this guitar in many magazines and websites. i was abit low on cash and wanted a good piece of equipment at a good price. while i was at a local guitar store i saw the MG100HDFX head out on display so i decided to give it a try. it had alot of g…

  • Crate GLX1200H

    Crate GLX1200H - "Crate GLX 1200 H Head"


    I bought it at the guitar center for 439$.the built in effects and the gain sound lured me and made me sell my line 6 duoverb. i play heavy metal,and it's all about the sound. this amp has a the sweetest gain sound. the effects are very handy a…

  • B-52 LG-100A

    B-52 LG-100A - "B-52 LG100A Half Stack Package"


    Bought this from Guitar Center in March '04 for $599.00 on a special 'green tag' sale. I looked long and hard at purchasing a Marshall, then to a Crate, and a couple others in between. Quite honestly I never had heard of B-52's - and was not going …

  • Peavey Supreme XL Head

    Peavey Supreme XL Head - "Peavey Supreme XL Head and Cab"


    I bought this from Musician's Friend in September, 2003. The total was about $1800 for both units. I bought two exact units on the same day, upon the recommendation of my guitar tech. One for practice and one for stage use, occasionally I run them st…

  • Marshall MG100HDFX

    Marshall MG100HDFX - "Marshall MG100HDFX"


    I bought this head at Guitar Center for 380 dollars. I had to replace it twice but I've always wanted a marshall so i didn't care. The third head works perfectly. I love the distortion and the clean tones, they're amasing. My old amps dont stand a c…

  • Crate GLX1200H

    Crate GLX1200H - "Crate GLX 1200H"


    I bought the GLX 1200H head with the matching crate 4x12 120 watt cab. I paid 900 dollars for the package deal Let me start by saying that I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to researching my big purchases. After 3 solid months of studying…

  • Crate GX900H

    Crate GX900H - "Crate GX900H Head"


    I was lent this amp for several weeks while the store fixed the mess they made getting my amp. Uhhmmm...I got rid of it... that's what I liked. I guess at low level volume, it's channels sounded pretty good. It's huge. It's ugly. I had to practive …

  • Crate GLX1200H

    Crate GLX1200H - "Crate GLX1200H"


    I ordered this unit through guitar center after reading so many great reviews. I had been trying to find a new guitar head for my stack and had gone through several brand trying to find a good one in the $400-500 Range. It came out to $439 with free …

  • Marshall MG100HDFX

    Marshall MG100HDFX - "Marshall MG100HDFX"


    i picked this amp up at apple music in portland oregon for $395.00 i love the tone it sounds so much like my old jcm 800 and the built in f/x are just awesome. i use the delay on my solo's everynight. and this thing is so loud it just melts peoples…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - "Peavey XXL 100 Watt Transtube Amp Head"


    i bought this over at alamo music center in san antonio, tx for about 1200 dollars. I had been shopping around for a halfstack in several gear stores. i tried out a marshall, crate, randall, and this peavey. i liked the way they all sounded, the xx…