Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station
Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

DT-2 Dist Station, Solid-State Guitar Preamp from Amt Electronics in the Classic series.

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pelly 04/02/2008

Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station : pelly's user review


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Analog Distortion (like all other pedals for AMT (Analog Music Technology)

The settings are optimal
4 knobs: Level - Bass - Tremble - gain
3 * 3 slcteurs (Previous Describes the opinion). In other words, 27 posibilities.

I put no hsiter 9 because there is no more complte pedals (btw, is it still a distortion pedals or amp modlisation?)

Nanmoins, I do not put 10 for some reason, the knobs seem a bit "cheap" (a little play ..) the case is well mtal and looks super solid, but ballast knobs seem a little weak .. them


Very simple configuration,

one quibble a bit and hop, here we go .. all the sounds are really diffrent (unlike some modlisation or sounds of a low trs diffrent another simulation).

I have not read the manual .... (No bed I guess?)

use is really excellent ... the best of the best is that the pedals has a big sound so it is almost useless to push the button to gain more than half for the sound. Failure to gain the button that to half that there is virtually no background noise! This is the very first time I meet one with such a large pedals sound and as little noise!!
for that, I put 10


Then the silence! plutt or anything bad ...

You can do everything! really everything!

Crunch blues to pop rock and metal (great for metal). a real treat for solos!
we recognize the warmth of analog sound is really the opposite synthetic!.

I tried lots of pedals (almost any of those bosses, Rocktron (quite good as it says), digitech, Berhinger (lol. ..), ibanez, tc.electronics, mxr ago .... no photos!! really out of the lot (may be a little more CHRE also some deficits prcdement ..)


I use it for 5 months and I bought a POD Xt rcement for recording.
I then sell it voualis but rflchi well, I keep it! I lost so much time to find a disto that suited me now that I have, I spare more.

EDIT 02/04: APRS buying my PODxt, I had finally sold. H Well, I now finally ratchet .. I keep my Premire the IDE to keep .. PODXT is far from the pedals dynamic point of view. (At same time, it's not comparable at all, it's really two things well ... diffrent)

I think it's really a shame that the brand is so little known!