Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station
Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

DT-2 Dist Station, Solid-State Guitar Preamp from Amt Electronics in the Classic series.

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Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station : Anonymous 's user review


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Distortion and overdrive pedal.
Analog it seems (to verify)
knob Level, Low, High and Disto.
Selecting the amp: Tweed, British, California
choice of Modelista: Clean, Hi Gain, Hot wired
choice of microphone placement: classic, center, off axis

Input, Output, foot switch, powered by 9v battery or AC adapter (not included unfortunately).
Metal box, Russian-built.

In fact, it's the same pedal as the Sansamp GT-2 in the characteristics. after I do not know if it sounds like. It's still curious to "repeat" this pedal ... if someone just teach me, I am interested.

It is a very comprehensive product, nine missing as the power supply.


The config is simple. with swith, it was his 27 opportunities. For each, we solve the EQ and level of distortion. The knob is not super sensitive against, at least not over the entire race ...
Very easy to use.
No manual but not required. just the 3 year warranty card. cool!


The sound is really very good quality. can range from mild overdrive to the very big sound. Everything is covered. To be objective, I let the seller make me different settings, so I was concentrating on the sound and not the pedal itself (that day, I tried four pedals quite famous, so to not be influenced by a particular brand is the best thing to do!)
It is sensitive enough to the game and quite transparent, however, not entirely ....
I tried a Kustom Tube 12A (my purchase of the day!) With my Jackson Custom. I used to play at all on light quality. I was really impressed with the quality of distortion. We hear all the notes very clearly, is accurate (although it can get sounds that drool depending on the settings) ...
It's a pedal that sounds!


I tested it along:
Tonebone Classic, Rat 2, Metal Muff.
The best is undoubtedly the Tonebone (but the price ...).
The AMT is more versatile than the Rat and the Metal Muff, but less sensitive to the game and transparent as the RAT (but it should really look to hear ...).

In short, it is a matter of taste but people like me who love to have a good range of distortion of very good quality at hand will take the AMT (or Tonebone if you are rich).

If you need samples, send me a PM.