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Avalon AD2022

Thread Avalon 2022 and TLM 103

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1 Avalon 2022 and TLM 103
Okay. My problem is that I've invested in an Avalon 2022 mic preamp and it doesn't seem to be doing what I want it to do. I could be using it wrong and I need some help.

I have tested TLM 103 and a SHURE SM 81 condenser mics on it. They are plugged into the mic preamp and then the output into my Pro Tools LE rack 002. When the signal gets into my Pro Tools system it's causing a lot of distortion, but the meter is barely moving on the Avalon. In order to get a clean - non-distorted signal, I have to lower the input on the Avalon to around 26 db or so. Could something be wrong with it - I got it on ebay? And I don't have the manual. I just don't get how the meter is barely moving and it is causing so much distortion on the Pro Tools software. Should I be using an external compressor before going into my Pro Tools system? If I compress it too much, it would defeat the purpose of the mic preamp. I'm using the compressor plug-in a bit once it's in the Pro Tools. Any help would be great.

I have an iMac G5; 1.6 Ghz; 2 GB; Pro Tools 7.4 002 rack; Operating System 10.4.11 (Tiger?)


I Have an Avalon M5 and went through a similar situation.  My problem was thinking it was Mic level coming into my interface and it was actually line level.  Once I realized that I was able to get a good level on the Avalon meter and on up the line.

Its a great Pre that you have so hopefully this will help. 

Let me know.