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Thread Recording acoustic nylon guitar-preamp settings(DBX 386)

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Topic Recording acoustic nylon guitar-preamp settings(DBX 386)
Hello all, firstly i would like to introduce myself. Im scoobs and im into flamenco guitar, also into trying to record it as well as i can with the gear i have (not high end).

The gear- I have three mics: RODE NT3, CADM179 and BERHINGER B2PRO. I recently bought a solid state pre amp with a tube section its a DBX 386. First impressions were good with the mic pre, but i get the feeling i can get more out of it soundwise, just need to learn how to get the optimal setting for flamenco guitar. I go into a p.c with 24 bit soundcard running all the main drivers, asio etc. I record using adobe audition because i used to use cool edit pro and im too lazy to learn a new program, this seems to do what i want.

I like the NT3, always have. I can use it live and as long as you dont sit too far away from it it can sound nice for studio recordings too, starts sounding thin if you sit too far away. The CADM179 i have only recently got off ebay cause it was cheap, it seems o.k... i think i need to learn how to use this mic properly before i get the most out of it. The berhinger B2PRO was great on omni settings for an informal recording of myself flute and percusssion just to see how we sounding, but i am yet to be impressed with it recording individual instruments.

So as you can see my gear is very modest indeed, but i think used the right way i could get semi decent results...maybe. O.k the pre amp, does anyone have any suggestions or experiance with the DBX 386? Whats the go with the dither settings and the shape switch? Also how do i go about setting up the digital out so i can record into two seperate traks with two seperate signals from the dbx, do i still use my soundcard because the dbx has a/d convertors in it, or is there a way my software will detect the dbx and enable me to bypass the sound card all together? atm im just using the analog outs.

My quetions probably sound dumb but im no expert on this gear, i am however willing to learn!!
Any suggestions or help of anykind will be greatly appreciated:)