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Thread Help Recording Guitar

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1 Help Recording Guitar
OK, so through my experience (which is not that much) i have learned that with my kind of amp that i have (Roland Cube 30X Guitar Combo Amplifier) and i have found that get a much better sound when i plug my guitar into a pedal then go from the pedal to a mixer into the computer. i have a SM57 and a bunch of other non high end mics. am i doing something wrong when recording like this? or is it just better. i play a lot of like Protest the Hero/ As i lay dying metal and i want the most professional sound i can get. so i was wondering if anyone had any tips to start recording guitar?
in recording there is no right or wrong.

as long as it sound good, it's ok.

the kind of sound you are looking for is achieved with high-end valve heads turned up to 11.

you can try to emulate that sound with a cheaper option, like a POD, a V-AMP, or any reamp plug-in like Amplitube.
And a word of advice.
When recording guitars, do not record them with FX-es like reverb, delay, chorus or flanger. Put them in after the raw signal is recorded. It is a general rule and you probably know that. And my practice is to record guitars mono unless i have in mind a cool stereo FX like pan or stereo flager. It all depends. As ra7or said there is no right or wrong. My experience tought me that the best solution is the most jerk-like solution. You will get the best results if you experiment.

Good Luck.
ok, i know not to do that but what i am doing is going from the guitar to a distortion pedal then to my mixer to my computer. i know not to add any reverb or anything like that. but when i record my guitar this way its way to bassy and unlcear when i add everything else? know of any good eq settings? any why a mono signal what does it do?
Something came to my mind but you have probably done this. Does your sound card has a EQ on it?

If nothing is solving your problem then it is probably the audio interface. you know that different manufacturers do things diferently and some of them make the raw signal a bit bassy and some are a bit mid ranged. That's it. I hope you can solve your problem.
THe mono is something of a preference for me. I experiment with play the left and then the right, and then i get the juce of getting a sound of two guitars playing rhythm. It gives the charm and texture. Try EQ. Put it in the production stage.