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Thread Can someone listen to this recording and give me some tips...

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1 Can someone listen to this recording and give me some tips...
If you go to http://www.myspace.com/rooftoprecordingstudios and listen to the first song titled New Metal Song (or any of the other songs) ..I wanted to know if anyone has any tips to get an overall better quality (like for example new mics, better preamps, different tricks, etc) Right now i'm using a Mackie 24x8 Console with its built in preamps..I have (2) c1000's as overhead mics, I use an sm57 for snare(top) and sm57(bottom) , sm57 for rack tom, and a Sennheiser md421for floor tom, and I use an akg d112 run through an aphex 204 aural exciter for kick ..for guitars I use a Sennheisere609 and an sm57 double miced on a mode 4 cab with a 5150 head...overall i dont think the quality is bad but I feel like I can get alot better quality out of my equiptment..I appreciate any feedback
starting from the drums:

you need a better kick drum. it sounds more like someone tapping on a mic than an actual drum. try adding another mic between the snare and the beater, so you can pick some "click" from that drum.

the overall sound is quite muddy, this is usually caused by a non-treated room.

there is a very nice video on youtube on drum recording:

I find it to be very usefull for starters.

also, your guitars are mono. try double-tracking them and then panning.
cool dude thanks alot for the tips i really appreciate it