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Thread Mobilepre PC cakewalk recording help

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1 Mobilepre PC cakewalk recording help
I am running a XP PC w/ Cakewalk 9 pro.
Mobilepre USB, Behringer mic100 tube ultrgain, AKG perception 100 mic.

Channel 1 Mic->mic preamp->mobile pre->PC cakewalk
Channel 2 Guitar->mobilepre->PC cakewalk

I am wondering how settings need to be set-gain on mic preamp/mobilepre. Line in on PC mobilepre software. Also what should the volume be on cakewalk.

I seem to be getting a bit of clipping happening and not sure what nob to twist and at what component.

Setting gain and output help is appreciated.

I am recoding vocals and guitar w/ the mobile pre.

thanks for help


In the setup you just described, you are feeding the mic pre on the Mobil USB a line level signal from your external mic pre. That means you are overloading the mic pre on the USB.

If you're going to use the external mic pre, then send it to a line input on the USB.

For levels, I usually shoot for about -6db on the meters, with transient peaks at -2 or -3 db.
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