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Thread Recording Problem (can't record only vocals)

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1 Recording Problem (can't record only vocals)

This is the first time I'm setting up a home studio and I got some problems with the recording.. first of all this is what I'm using:

Mixer Yamaha MG16/6FX
Soundcard M-audio delta 10/10 LT
Mic StudioProjects C3
Preamp forgot the name doesn't matter
Monitors KRK V8
Midi keyboard

Reason 3.0
Wave lab

1. Now here are my problems. I can't play back the the beat and record vocals separetly... When I try to record the vocals in Wavelab I also get the beat mixed in...How can I play back the beat and rec ONLY the vocals?

2. I can't get the singer to hear himself in the headphones I only get the beat.

This is how I've connected it:

Mic to preamp via balanced cable --> preamp to mixer ch1 balanced --> Mixer "rec out" to soundcard in --->soundcard out to mixer "st in"? I think

I have tried to connect the mic to the soundcard instead but I only get mono recordings...

if there's anything else you're wondering just ask!

Try going into your Control Panel and then to Sounds Speech etc.

Then go into Volume Control > Options > Properties

From here click Recording, then the volume levels for recording pops up.... make sure you don't have "What U Hear" selected. As this will record... what you hear. Try changing it to a Line In (or whatever line you are using to record the vocals).

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply... I fixed the problem by connecting the mixers group out to the Delta 10/10 instead

you can also use the group outs on that mixer to record only what you want, so you can ply the full mix through the monitors, but only record the vocal channel from group outs
yeah thats how i've connected it, thanx ;)