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Thread voice recording

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1 voice recording
I'm new to the forum and a complete "home studio" novice. I work as a narrator in Tokyo and would like to put together a make-shift home studio. I just bought a PowerMac G5 but and want to get some basic studio equipment: Microphone, speakers, etc. What software/hardware do you recommend? Do I need a mixer? Please help get me started. Thanks!
You should try browsing the soundcard section of the forum. There is a lot of information that should guide you in the choice of your audio hardware.

As for softwares. You can begin by working with a freeware such as Kristal engine befor buying something like Cubase or Sonar if you need more features.
Hello, Tokyofan. If vocal recording is your main goal, a good mic preamp should be in your future. This, combined with a quality mic, will give you a good-sounding output to record. Feed this output to a sound card (preferrably with a balanced input) and you have the basics.
Hope this helps...
In your situation doing naration recording, your mic will be your most important purchase.

I would consider a digidesign Mbox that will also come with pro tools LE. It has a built in mic pre amp, but you may want to move up to a better mic pre eventually