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Who can help me :?:
I Have a site with some musicsongs on it.
not my site but just a site with music.
I want to record some of those songs...but I don't know what kind of recorder I must use.
please can somebody help me :?:

Greetzzz. :evil: Mr. HaPPy DooZeR :twisted:
I'm not sure you are on the right place for that ;-) but anyway, you want to record a stream? an real audio stream or something like that??
My name is Lucky. I'm 27 years old and i'm from france.
I'm new to protools LE 6.4 Infact I'm a real novice and i want to know lots of things about protools and one of them is
how can i record instrument virtually using midi
I have the necessary softwares for instruments. i have softwares like stadalone minimoog v, wave station, ms 20. but i don't know how to record them in tracks . The keyboard i'm using is evolution(e49)
The computer i'm using is MAC OS X.
I'll be grateful if some out there helps me out because i've been battling with this for more than two weeks now and i'm not progressing @ all.