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Thread Using a Boss BR-8 as a mixer into my sound card

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1 Using a Boss BR-8 as a mixer into my sound card
I just bought a desktop computer with a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card (will upgrade to a better interface later, but the Audigy came cheap with my system). I will be using it to record mainly acoustic instruments with a mic. I will be editing, mixing and mastering on Adobe Audition (the new Cool Edit Pro).

Is there any reason why I can't record into my Boss BR-8, and run a cable from its stereo RCA line outs to the miniplug line in on the Audigy, and record the signal with Audition? Will this result in any degradation of the signal or other sound problems? I'm trying to decide whether I need to buy a cheap mixer or if the Boss BR-8 will do the same thing for me.


Paul S.
Will it work? Certainly. Will it sound good? I dunno- try it! It'll depend on how you like the mixer section of the BR-8, since all you're doing is bypassing the record function and just using the front end as a mixer.

The Audigy is gonna sound mediocre at best though. I'd probably replace that before I made any judgement as to how the BR-8 sounds. ;)
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Hey Spillenger, I just recently ran a few songs onto my PC from a BR-532. I use Goldwave to record to the hard drive, I have not had a chance to do much tweaking yet, but I am pretty happy with the initial quality. I may have a chance early this week to work on em and burn em, I'll post the results.

Yes, you're right. The Audigy produces a muddy sound. I've read a few threads on best sound cards/audio interfaces, but what is your recommendation?

I have a PC P4 @ 3.06GHz with hyperthreading, 1 gig of RAM, 120-meg HD. I record acoustic music, mainly bluegrass and folk music, doing multiple tracks all by myself AND a 5-piece band, which I'd like to have individual inputs for (though enough inputs for 5 instruments and 4 vocals may be more than I can afford). I use Adobe Audition for recording, editing, etc.


Paul S.
I've been using the BR 8 as a standalone and now as a interface with my computer sound card. No problems at all. You can send audio out both analog and digital. The effects work like having a large stomp box collection. The sound is as good as your sound card and software can handle. dhbret