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Thread Connecting analog recorder to Digidesign 002Rack

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1 Connecting analog recorder to Digidesign 002Rack
Greetings all... I don't know if I am in the right forum or not but here goes please excuse me if I am not....I am going to receive a very nice analog tape deck that I will be using with my Pro tools 002 Rack setup. I am looking for all and any information that someone could give me as to the need for an external wordclock. In addition I would like any information on hooking up to Digi 002 Rack. Thankx in advance
How many tracks is the deck? Why will you need wordclock when the deck is analog? Are you hooking up the Digi to a Mac or pc?
Sorry KitC..I forgot to list all of the specifics. The deck is an Otari 5050 Mk2 1/4" 2 track mixdown deck. I will be hooking it up to a G5 Mac/DigiRack200 running Pro tools 6.9 Please replace the word "wordclock" with MOTU Timepiece. Thanks
This is all too coincidental... this can't be you, can it?

I know the MOTU can generate and sync to smpte, but that would involve striping to one track on the Otari. AFAIK, these have no timecode generator but a similar model, the MX 5050BIII uses a synchronizer. I think you might have to contact Otari for that.

But if you're willing to give up one track (!?), you will have to stripe smpte first then feed that back to the motu while recording to the empty track. Your G5 and Digi should then slave to the smpte code.

[quote="KitC"]This is all too coincidental... this can't be you, can it?

Yes It's me. I was having so much trouble getting an answer to my question that I decided to post here also. Geeez! It's like I asked to borrow money or something. What is your handle on the DUC? Anyway a dude named Eric who I bought some Raw-Tracks cd's from last year helped me out (I had to send him an email to his Raw-Tracks address) I have always recieved good help before on the DUC. Have you ever used their search engine. It works as well as Microsoft Search Version 1 for Windows 3.5. Anyway I think that I am pretty well resigned to the fact that I will have to buy a MOTU Timepiece or some other SMPTE generator in order to use my new machine. Are you familar with these machines? How are they? I see alot of them for sale on ebay. Thanks Randy
Hi Randy,

Not exactly familiar but I have worked with smpte syncing a bunch of blackface adats to a ProTools rig using an Alesis BRC as synchronizer. Motu works on similar principle and I know it prefers to be the master clock of the system. But to be honest, man... that was several years ago, although the principles haven't changed since then and I've been keeping up to date with new technology. Been too busy with my small project studio, so there! :D

No handle on DUC, man; I lurk there every so often. I'm mostly a mainstay at the Sonar and Emu boards. Anyway, as to your dilemma, Motu is pretty much the way to go but if you got more budget, the Apogee Big Ben has the most stable clocks of all- big bucks though (shudder). I once evaluated the Motu, the Timepiece A/V would be perfect if you're going into video too. Did you check out the Otari link for their synchronizer?
Well I went to Otari and the only product that I found was the FS96 sample rate converter that has a built in wordclock and other functions that would suit me. But it looks pretty pricey cause it's broadcast quality. I think I will do some more research on the MOTU Timepiece as it seems that everybody uses their stuff and seems pleased with it. What do you do in your project studio? How big is it. Mine is in a small room (about 120 square feet) in my basement, but it is perfect for me for now.( I sure would like a nice big studio with a booth and a control room ). I lean towards geekness so I would get my kicks at the consol, mixing, and recording part rather then the performing part. I am a singer so all I need is a good room, and a good mike, both of which I have. I was a singer back in the 60"s-70"s but now I find that my voice and ears is more suited to a softer style of music. Can only sing rock and roll for so long in front of a stack of Vox amps before your speaking voice starts to sound like Popeye. So I gave it up. I have always wanted to do recording and now I have the wherewithall to do that..... Randy