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Thread recording band live with m-audio delta 1010

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1 recording band live with m-audio delta 1010
I have had my Delta 1010 card for around three years. Never really used it for much until now. I need some advice on the best way to record a band live, and still send the sound out through my PA for the crowd.
Im using:
2 Mackie SRM450 Active Monitor
2 EAW FR153z 15" 3-Way Speaker Cabinet
QSC RMX2450 Power Amp
Mackie cfx-12 mixer
2 Alesis 3630 Dual-Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate
Delta 1010 card
PC with windows xp, no software yet, have used Cubase in past, any recomendations for software would also be appreciated.

I have no idea how to get 8 different channels from my board, to the delta pc card, back to the board and out through the speakers. and also where to put the compressors in this process. Right now without doing any recording I have the compressors on each vocal channel using the insert on my board. Should I use the compressors just for the main mix and if so how? Any help at all would be wonderful

The Dan
run all the inputs into your mixer. If you have direct outs on every channel run a seperate cable from each channel to a seperate channel on your sound card (note this will only work if you have enough ram) Run cable from the main bus on your mixer to your power amp.
If you dont have direct outs on your board then just run everything out through a pair of auxilary buses. This will cut down on mixability but thats really the only option you have. Just use headphones out of the board to mix it well and do a few test runs to make sure the mix sounds decent.
Pretty general but I hope this helps. This is just the way that I would do it.