Psycledelics Psycle [Freeware]
Psycledelics Psycle [Freeware]

Psycle [Freeware], Sound Tracker from Psycledelics.

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laurenzo1 04/23/2004

Psycledelics Psycle [Freeware] : laurenzo1's user review


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Installation quick and painless, I is not meet that incompatibilities but it's two weeks I use this app, setup is simple, not rocket science, but no manual on the site there are mini tutorials in french (


P4 2.5Ghz, integrated sound card (for now), 256 ram, 80GB 7200rpm HDD
The app works well overall, but since I have no sound card worthy to name a few crashes from time to time, cependent I can run a lot of vst when even so I can well play with, so when I my sound card it should do is
is it stable? I do not know since it's one of the first software that I use for the mao .... but after what I read on the forum ca asser stable area has all the same.


What's great about it is soft it is simple no-brainer, but it is limited by a aport other seqanceur I think cepandent can be quite a trick with. report quality / price gratuis impeccable as it is, I used to make the electro / techno / house may have an ancient style Derrick May etc ... brief is soft is good overall, but for my project nusoul / NuJazz utlise I prefer a full can a seq ... Finally I cross I would do is choosing without problem. here is my humble opinion, you have to try it ....