Psycledelics Psycle [Freeware]
Psycledelics Psycle [Freeware]

Psycle [Freeware], Sound Tracker from Psycledelics.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Psycledelics Psycle [Freeware] : FP User's user review


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Featues are decent.Vst/vsti compatibility,and supports ASIO. Sequencing is tracker style.So if you like working with patterns,and building songs from them,this is deffinantly worth a download. Modular enviornment is excellent,and easy to work with. If you have never worked in a modular enviornment your missing something(my opinion). No multi-outs for vsti yet,but maybe in a later update. It has a nice swing feature that many trackers lack. It also can make good use of your computer keyboard to play you melodies if you don't have a usb controller.

Easy to use,and the learning curve is not too bad either. Overall I think it's a very intuitive enviornment to work in.


Psycle sounds very good as far as sound all around. The built in synths seem very effective,and deep(see FM Labratory).

Fairly robust for a beta release.Not crash proof,but not crash prone either.


I like Psycle alot.For free it's about your best bet for music production.Good for all electronic styles including hiphop.

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Posted by: Mattman04 ( 7-, 2005)