Cort NZS-1
Cort NZS-1

NZS-1, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Neil Zaza series.

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juice 05/15/2008

Cort NZS-1 : juice's user review


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Made in Korea.
Asymmetric Channel 24 cases with ebony fingerboard.
Mechanical Sperzel Trim-lok
Tone Pro bridge with strings through body
Volume (and all), a pickup selector and a splitter on each.


Ahhhhh, this round!
I must say that it's a big surprise.
At first I was surprised by its thickness. A little vintage and quite round.
But actually no, it is not round, and that's all the difference. Indeed, it has an asymmetrical profile super comfortable.
It is round, facilitating agreements I play at the same time, when it comes to "shred" a bit and then switch his wrist, you're on the game a little thin and the handle is in before the sixteenth ...
In fact, one wonders how they did it for us at Cort lay like a highway. And more with its ebony fingerboard, typically placed on a lot of guitars ... much more expensive, and very fine satin in the back, the neck is a treat.
Note the small reinforcement sleeve in the back (just inspires confidence on the scratch), and Silla in real OS.

If not for the rest, as Strat style 'with smashes to the stomach.
Balanced, it weighs 3.5 kg can be reached easily in the last box with the streamlined shape of the junction body / sleeve.

Edict of 15/05/08:

The handle is perhaps still a bit thick. I say this because I plays with my Cort Viva Gold has a very fine race and I'm really comfortable with.
So I lower the note one point because one must be aware that this is not a handle type Ibanez. After the tastes and colors ...


The sound, the second big surprise!
At first, when you see the little knob available on the body, we say that the sound pallete will perhaps be restricted.
Not at all.
I've never seen micro splits sound like that. Surprising. The neck pickup is already a double delight (Seymour 59 '), but simple, and it is a first for me, it sounds like a simple slam with the right amount of sharp without being aggressive. This is a good microphone just simple.

Second position, still split. Welcome to the world of funk: media dug, acute tjs present, just enough bass to sit the whole. Excellent.

And finally, bridge pickup (Seymour Custom Custom). A stratum in this position. So much for spring with maybe a little more gain.

Note that I have two other guitars with this system splits (with a Dimarzio, Seymour with the other) and none can compete with the NZS-1.

All positions are superb double. With a central notement confusing. It seems, all things (because I did not touch) sound is closer to the Gibson Mark Knoplfer (wired out of phase). A 'hole' in the upper midrange which produces a rather special, really new and enjoyable in the extreme.

Volume, single knob just because the sounds are so different with these hyper 6 positions available. I also rediscovered the joys of the game with a knob to change its fairly consistent but without losing volume (at least on the first 1 / 3).


I have only been two days but what days.
I had a date yesterday and so I tested live, apart from having to get used to the position of the various commands (notably the split) is happiness.
And what she's beautiful maple table with its mottled blue. With p'tit BY giving in, wow!

I want to warn you of the wide variety of visual table in maple, in fact, many are as pictured on the site Cort. I could see the show of music and in stores. Mine, for against, is quite different. I say this for those who want to order online, it will surprise on arrival as they are the official photo on their site.

This is my sixth guitar personal, I also tried a bunch and I'm really "fell in love" as the Canadians would say to this one.

If you can buy one, go for it, you will not regret it.