Cort NZS-1
Cort NZS-1

NZS-1, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Neil Zaza series.

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Djooslife 11/07/2005

Cort NZS-1 : Djooslife's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
So we have on this guitar
- Alder body, table Saddle
- Channel Rabl (3 pices)
- Key in bne
- 24 frets mdium
- Seymour Duncan '59 pickups RP & Custom
- Sperzel Mcaniques TRIM LOK
- Cordier through
- Bridge type tunomatic
- A volume button, a switch split pickups (double to single)
- Fittings in mtal brossbr />
Personal c me the best grate on how I play well micro beats are not the two even more so versatile guitar double micro micro switch can be simple .... a wide range of its different


Can handle a large but very comfortable CCAA fever is not very easy guitar tro hatched agrreable very eye as for the games!!
with this guitar is very easy to have a good sound corect me I play on a two line6 body 150W dc ca jles easy but try on the amp but mate
on the small of Roland Marchal (micro cube) of the same drive ... vrement and I was surprised!
This guitar is truly a marvel!
I put a 9 Cauze one can handle the large AC is 10 telment me it is comfortable


As I said, this guitar is extremely versatile: I play in the big party style caliban, trivium .... ossi but Led Zeppelin and the thing quiet. I play tt celebrates the style and following plainement chak time I satisfied with this guitar!
More micro switch was vrement every sound you desire


So I achter me this guitar is one week and I try with tt and frenchment ....
Avan to buy, I try a lot of lagg model of the cort epiphone ..... and I really do not know qupoi take. the choice is very dificil lorskon turns into 800E
and I ken o anounce my budget seller, it shows directly that my guitar. I may be a explquer Neil Zaza is a man who plays in the studio. He played for more to name: Joe Satriani and already it helps to seduce
enssuite I connect ... I're trying ... and I love it!
before I achter redmender one last time if a 800E c'tait vraiemnt the right choice and has been reponsse: Tinkiet not top this guitar will keep you more anner and Sir ve you change, you should take a models in 1500 or 1800 euro to see a diference ...;
So an impressive value for money! AV 800E if you have no budget eSite!
you negotiate with the seller is the basis of 900 I otour the 801st has been es lol

with experience and yes I would do without this choice eSite vrement a guitar madness for a Great Value