Cort NZS-1
Cort NZS-1

NZS-1, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Neil Zaza series.

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romes 12/20/2005

Cort NZS-1 : romes's user review


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La corte NZS-1 is manufacturing Coren. I simply copied the technical specifications provided on the site Cort.

BODY American basswood w / quilted maple top
NECK Maple 3pc
Ebony fingerboard
SCALE 25 1 / 2 "
FRET 24 / Medium
PICKUP Seymour Duncan Custom Custom & PR '59
Tuners Sperzel Trim-lok
BRIDGE TonePros bridge & T3BT / string thru body
CONTROLS 1vol, 1toggle (coil split), 3way toggle
Color DSB


THE FIRST CHSE that strikes you about this guitar when you see it gnral appearance. It DGIG ct a "classy." Assembly is stamped "hand made". Rglage the factory more than adequate but can be amliorer. Please note, the guitar is original equipment with cords rather feeding.
The weight of the instrument is correct, not as a lightweight but lighter than Ibanez Lespaul.
The handle may seem a bit but we pais trs SPEED surprised by the ease of play that guitar and it offered the entire length of the handle. Which highlight the excellent quality of the hoop. The dtail killer: the reinforcement at the head round.


Ct microphones, it's simple and effective. 3 positions (neck, bridge, or both at the same time). We can also use the microphones in double or splitter in simple.Chaque rglage truly offers a sound CHARACTERISTICS Different.

In Manir gnrale, this guitar appears trsractive. You can really express all the nuances of the games you want.
In his clear, the guitar offers warm and bright sound to play all styles of music.
In the saturated rgale is a time harmonics are easy to play. I find the bridge pickup a little needle. In Revenge, the sound of the neck pickup is sublime, full of roundness. The grain gnrale two microphones and TRS enjoyable.


This guitar is not my Premire guitar, I play Ibanez and also on Hammer. But it is a vritable favorites. I tested the amp on DIFFERENT large and small, and every time it rings! Often the reputation of great guitars is that they each have a sound all their own and often criticized the small "Asian" not to have my. I would say that the NZS-1, although qu'tant super versatile guitar has that little something extra that makes her a great guitar.

I just put a BMOL. One selling point of Cort and "beautiful" table Saddle pommel of 2cm thickness Submitted as the instrument. I think it should be noted that ok, the table is Saddle Submitted pommel but the effect is given by a veneer (a thin sheet of Saddle covers the table). This does not affect the sound quality of the instrument, but may be the est_ce dtail that makes the diffrence with a tool for high-end trs.