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ezekielhimself 04/07/2008

Ibanez JPM100P1 : ezekielhimself's user review


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- Guitar Made in Japan by Ibanez,
COD plutt original (see photo on my profile) - Channel: back saddle and rosewood fingerboard 24 cases included in small discrete Poins original and simple! (Frets like "Jumbo" but it's not jumbo, it's bigger still!) Trs big enough and comfortable for the tapping exercises "technical" PS handle is a "highway" is pais an oval can, unlike other sleeves and flat for home except Modl Ibanez Vai, Satriani)
- Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo Ibanez, black, my time, trs trs comfortable and flexible it can be push or shoot the fat dcoupe of the box, although it is a rgler "r gal "!
- Electronics, DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck and Steve's Special in the treble, two knobs "volume & tonalitquot; trs effective note available" low "volume to quickly lower the volume while playing, and slecteurs the microphone 3 (single, own this guitar) positions "serious, shuffled, acute"


- The handle is a trs Mylen enjoyable as "oval" on the trs fast in hand, you quickly get used to the "comfort of this guitar,"
- Accs the treble and the Ibanez is much the body is that of RG, also known for its "usability" So I say yes, a CASC very easy!
-The ergonomics, evokes as "before" is above all a great guy then RG-strat with the level of the body dcoupes "brachial and stomach" as a good strat there is soon a the comfortable we hold and is played (a long time without getting tired!)
-Gets-on "easy" sound good?? "Plonasme" yes and the cot of the beautiful is not Avard, sounds good and has not for the "Dream Theater" is a guitar pchue, and quite ployvalante intermediate position microphones diary offers the possibility to play for "clear" Christalin, a sound can be "The Edge of U2," or m ^ me carrment "funky" when other positions "bass and treble" and although they are pchues and effective, and if you like playing with the Tone knob of you go to sounds such as "jazz" without difficulty


- As I said at the tt was responsible (as on every recess is not comparable to his "namesake" home Musicman)
- I play this guitar on many amps (Marshall JTM 30, Anniversary, Line6 Flextone II HD combo, combo, Flextone 3, Peavey Ultra 212 combo) every time the guitar's grade "identitquot-just look for a can and quickly found his sound trs ... (not that mtal!) in the saturated micro serious ensures it stays warm, clean, the treble can be a bit dry but it is a matter of taste!
- Personally I like all his sound play in cover band and mtal without any worries!


"I purchased this guitar in 2000, I played" back !!!!" TElement I make the plans, HEU is excellent guitar for the era did not cost much trs (+ / - 7500/8000Frs) has aged rather well ...
-I like a lot but like any ADCO may be tired of "cataloging" technician, and a fan of Petrucci's doing his "Facis" recognizable at the same time not everyone know not what "John" or m ^ me this "Dream Theater" especially when you play in a cover band plutt pop in this case m ^ me of the beautiful ornaments are welcome, though obviously of rchape ann es 90 '(but like I said this is trs dco "artist" and was about even less like a tar with a well as heads of the dead)
- With the exprience yes I would do this choice because it is a good solid comfortable guitar sounds good and it is to play all or prsque and as a bonus with an original look