Ibanez JS100
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Jo1336 10/31/2005

Ibanez JS100 : Jo1336's user review


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Model made in Korea has very good fault facture.Rien


Handle very nice, identical to the js 1000.il is very fast and very enjoyable.
access to acute is easy thanks to its flattened on the plate behind the level of ficsation the handle.
ergonomics is just a slight remarcable.tres 2 kilos.ce making it a fun guitar to play for long hours that await you.
the sound from the pickups ibanez is very well made and more are splitable makes it fairly versatile.


For me it suits me perfectly, both in blues, rock, and of course the big sound of a Satriani, Metallica.
I use a mesa boogie F50 and sometimes with my body double JCM900.
sounds obtained with the double bobinnages not split, is perfect for big sound in all clear that either the saturated blue rock and hard.ET petie more with the microphone one approaches the splitted the fender, with which we just play on the EQ knobs that are effective and that achieve the desired sound.
honestly sonnorité obtained are very good with either the microphone or severe acute splittée and Memmi, nothing has jeter.les sonnorités are very good.


I use it for a year.
Only thing I can complain, she did not c 24 cases.si not she any good at designing and assembling a string floyd particular has satriani is very convenient and avoids breaking the strings.
Honestly I try all the models of the store expensive and cheap, c the only really attracted me to both the handle and sonnorité.c for a guitar with a very good grip and sounds that come out are worthy of a major.
In terms of value for money I think there is nothing wrong for the range of competition produit.Elle facillement well as other guitar cher.Avec experience so since I just bought her older sister's js1000 but what if Memme more for a little more since I accept the last one owns me.
my notes will be on point 10.IL take care of the value, if not compared to the 9 js 1000.