Ibanez JS100
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Kahyman 07/27/2004

Ibanez JS100 : Kahyman's user review


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For the overall characteristics I'll let you read the other opinion. I will focus instead on finishing the electronics of this guitar.

At first glance and listen, I did nothing wrong, a beautiful guitar that allowed me to make me very happy. Then knob volume began to sizzle, then the sound intersect. A quick removal allowed me to see the work of pork was done at the welds. A real disaster, huge weld with points that do not, bad contacts, and even mass not welded just secured to the potentiometer. Ca ca short flickered and was entitled to. Considering the time lost while rehabilitating and for the price of the guitar that was far from being given a 6 is a very nice note IMHO.

For the rest nothing to complain: but praise.


After the excitement passes, and although I can say that playing on this guitar is a real pleasure. The neck is super fun to play, the guitar is comfortable except that the slice is painful for the leg if you play sitting down. Anyway I chipotte. Harmonics come easily, a guitar on which it is really easy to have fun. Go to a good shaft 9 that has won its own.


The sound of crunchy very heavy through the clean sounds all goes well. Once again the harmonics out easily, the tone potentiometer really changes the sound and can play fine with sound (unlike other guitars that I will not). Passing the single humbucker in a gain in clarity and precision.

But even the sounds that I prefer are those obtained with the double neck pickup and a little tone. The ones I like least is the bridge pickup in single or the sound becomes too cold for my taste.

Used on a 15W Marshall, a Peavey Classic 50, a mesaboogie and other Carvin SX series I've never been disappointed.

I was hesitant to climb above EMG but hey I like it as it is and do not ultimately going to change it.


How long? It must do so within 6 or 7 years that I use. When I look at it like the first day: she is sexy in her black dress its chrome finish. The handle was a little worn with time and begin to mark the frets, too bad. I still question its so much fun to make and play. An excellent choice that I am at the time, his versatility being a real asset. I would do without hesitation.