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gilles-coyote 10/21/2011

Ibanez JS100 : gilles-coyote's user review

«  Beautiful object, formidable tool ... »

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See the technical description in the Info tab ... I've just filled it right!
22 frets, slightly flattened handle c


The neck is perfect. Relatively flat but allowing the game without pb in agreement (although "capelitractés" on Satch preferred)
Excellent balance of the whole with a reduced weight.
22 frets accessible without acrobatics.
The sound is pretty cool, the switch allows incursions into the world of the single coil strat rather convincing ...
The bridge pickup shear eardrums severe saturation. harmonics with a shovel.
The only small pb, more due to my use as a design flaw is that I get the switch 3pos systematically taking the whammy bar in action ... So, hop, voilou me in the neck position in full chorus ...


I was looking for a guitar with a floyd reliable techniques tater JS and SV.
After fine-tuning and greasing going well, the vibrato is at the top. Changing strings takes some tps for sure (in brackets, it is possible to leave the balls of string editing, you win even tps qd), but once set it does not move more than that.
The sounds are what one would expect for a guitar signature. Satiani sound is there. At least if you do not play on an amp cardboard.
I have several config which all give interesting results. Multi-effect transistor with large amp or tube amp in Drive.
In two cases, we find the grain and the slightly "nasal" clean guitar and master. Nice ...
In any case, the notes are clean and untied in all circumstances. No buzz either.
The knobs and switch are good.


I use it for 2 months. Intensively.
At first I was surprised and I'm usually not yet fixed on a particular type of guitar, I have several and I play all ...
The handle is indeed very discreet and the end fairly flat radius. The varnish is soft, with no teaser. Once accustomed, it descends severe.

Basically, I find the price a bit high for a model with no assets out of the ordinary. I mean, micro SD Dimar or a real Floyd ... Much like it can be found at Lag, not to quote the same price. It turns out that everything is really good quality and well suited to the violin. I think it's better standard of well thought of "tuning" wild inappropriate (see twingo There's only my neighbor). Thought for the day. ;-))

Bcp I change hardware, I am tempted by a now 24 cases. Anyway, I stay in the brand. I am by no means disappointed, if I change it to see further, not "better".